• Heated main barn with 30 stalls. 16 stalls with windows and doors that open to outdoor runs. Automatic Waterers.
  • Outdoor boarding available with large pens and covered shelter.
  • Plenty of room to ride: HUGE Outdoor arena 175×300 or 52,500 square feet
  • Connected Heated 150 x 75′ indoor arena- Mixed sand and rubber Arena RX footing
  • Standard outdoor dressage arena with judges stand
  • Riding/jump field- allows horses and riders to work outside of the ring
  • Large open aisles
  • Covered Picnic area – nice place for boarders to relax, sit around the fire pit, mingle, and bbq
  • Open-feel stalls that allow horses to see their neighbor as well as see down the barn aisle
  • Locker room for boarders to safely store saddles, tack and equipment
  • Hot/Cold Wash rack
  • Multiple grooming crossties locations
  • Large and safe turnouts with water
  • Front Gate and live on employees gives security
  • Trailer Parking and laundry services available

Custom feed programs

We offer Purina Strategy Healthy Edge grain – (http://www.purinamills.com/horse-feed/products/strategy-healthy-edge-horse-feed/) a nutritionally balanced quality feed that offers needed protiens, added beet pulp and is highly palatable and easily digestible. A great feed for all horses! If your horse needs a specific diet, please let us know and we will be happy to work something out to specify your equines requirements.

We also feed any additional supplements that the boarder provides. Our hay is from Westcliff, Colorado- a nice grass mix of brome, clover and timothy.